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About Us

We are on a heartfelt mission to enhance leadership and humanize work for our clients, and thereby contribute to a healthier and more sustainable society. 

We strengthen organizations, families and relationships by helping individuals to
expand their awareness, capacity, and resilience. 

We passionately develop tools that empower people to unfold their potential in both their professional and personal life.

Why You Should Join Us

To help you increase resilience and prosper we emphasize:

A Holistic Approach: We have designed a model with twelve transformation journeys that engage Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit.

Surprising Simplicity: We identify particular new routines for each individual that lead to deep and lasting transformation — one change at a time. 

Blending Digital Tools with Human Interaction: We combine individual data feedback with
personal mentorship and our own 1 Change App.  

Embodied Practices: We bridge the gap between theory and practice through experiential learning. 

A Safe Space: We create a nonjudgmental and caring environment that allows individuals to connect to their vulnerabilities, a prerequisite to break through resistance.

Who are we?

We are founded and based in Copenhagen, where design, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand with an excellent work-life balance and streamlined digitized public services.

In the past 11 years we have worked with 40+ global clients, many of them industry-leading companies. We have taken 5000+ leaders, talents and employees in 15+ countries through our programs. 

Our international team of 30+ trainers and consultants are respected leaders and pioneers in their field of expertise. Trainers are hand-picked for each program to ensure the best possible results for our clients.

We partner with Swiss-Life Network, Limeade, Institute for Personal Leadership, HeartMath and Firstbeat to deliver best-in-class solutions to our clients.  

Our Social Impact Initiatives are at the core of our DNA. We develop sustainable projects related to entrepreneurship, micro-finance and education and engage many of our global clients in these rewarding endeavors. We are deeply intertwined with the non-profit organization Periamma, supporting 6500+ students in India, Kenya, Uganda and Thailand.

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